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Is my pet at a healthy weight?

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

As a trainer, a pet's weight is the first thing I assess when I meet them. A pet's Body Condition Score (BCS) will tell me quite a bit about the pet's overall health and ability to participate in training. As I've mentioned before, exercise is a very important part of any pet's training and health plan. (Read the blog post here). If a pet has a low BCS, he may be unable to participate in the physical activity required for training. If the pet has a high BCS, she may be dealing with physical ailments such as arthritis and hip dysplasia or mental conditions such as anxiety. Unless a pet is at an ideal weight, training will be negatively affected.

So what is your pet's BCS? Check out this chart:

If your pet is not at or near a BCS of 3, consult with your veterinarian about your pet's ideal weight and adjust diet & exercise accordingly. Once your pet is at a healthy weight, training will be so much easier!

Are you having a hard time deciding how much to feed your pet? Our Dog & Cat Caloric Need Calculator can give you a good idea of what their daily diet should be.

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