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Why I Chose Chewy.com

This article may contain affiliate marketing links for products my creatures and I adore. You won’t ever be charged a fee for shopping on Chewy.com through my affiliate links. You may actually get a discount! I may receive a small commission for purchases made through my affiliate links. All opinions and recommendations on my blog are my own, and have not been influenced by my affiliate partnership.

You may have noticed that I recently became a Chewy.com affiliate. If you are completely new to Chewy and you click on one of my affiliate links, I may receive a small kick back if you decide to purchase something through Chewy.

Why am I an affiliate? I love Chewy, and I wanted to share all the benefits of being a Chewy customer with you!

Before becoming a Chewy affiliate, I was already recommending products from Chewy on a daily basis. This likely won’t be changing any time soon! This doesn’t mean that I am going to start recommending products that I don’t like, understand, or use. If I recommend a product to you, it’s either because I have used it myself or it has been recommended to me by clients and colleagues and I would be comfortable using it with my own pets.

It seems like every week I discover new reasons to love Chewy! Let me list a few for you:

Chewy has some of THE BEST customer service I have ever experienced! When I ordered dog cots for my business and they got lost in the mail, Chewy refunded me for the initial order and mailed me an entirely new set free of charge! After I received the new set of cots, the original order showed up too! I was drowning in dog cots. I contacted Chewy to ask if they would like me to return them, and they simply requested that I donate them to a local animal shelter. Across the internet, you can find similar stories. From reimbursing clients for food their pet didn’t want to eat to mailing custom paintings of pets or even sending flowers when they learn of the loss of a pet, Chewy goes above and beyond to serve their clients and their pets.

Besides recommending that customers donate to shelters instead of returning merchandise, Chewy also supports shelters and other animal welfare organizations through fundraising and other programs. If you know anything about me, you know that I am very passionate about supporting animal rescue. Supporting a company that supports shelters is an easy choice for me! You may have also noticed that I am passionate about conservation. Chewy ships their products in cardboard boxes and packs them with brown paper. These materials are easy to recycle; however, we usually wind up recycling them into pet toys and puzzle feeders. Both our dogs and our cats love to play in the boxes and shred the paper the Chewy deliveries come in.

Chewy has a huge selection of pet foods, training tools, and other products. I live in a small town in Wisconsin that doesn’t even have a pet supply store! Chewy gives me the opportunity to select the high quality products that I want to choose for my pets, but can’t purchase locally. While I may not be able to shop locally for every pet product I buy, I love knowing that I am supporting a caring, American company with 13 facilities across the United States.

Finally, Chewy is ridiculously convenient! As the owner and sole employee of King’s Creatures Animal Training, I am my own receptionist, marketing and social media department, financial department, dog walker, animal trainer, website designer, sales department, PR, etc. Sometimes there simply isn’t enough time in the day to make it to the store (or even enough space in my brain to remember to do so!) to buy the things my animals need. I can set up my Chewy account to automatically ship pet food, kitty litter, poop bags, treats, and more. Before I even realize that I am running low, it shows up on my doorstep! If you’re extra great at forgetting things like I am, you may even forget to set up Auto Ship. No worries! Chewy offers 2 day shipping so those last minute orders can still make it on time.

Don’t take my word for it! Check out Chewy.com for yourself. Not sure where to get started? Check out some of my recommendations in my Kits on Kit.com.

This article contains entirely my own opinions. I’m simply sharing with you my reasons for my love of all things Chewy!

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