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I have helped hundreds of dog & cat owners train their pets!

Now they are happy, confident teams that excel at therapy work,
enjoy adventures together, and trust each other whole-heartedly.

Would you like to be one of those happy, confident teams?

Computer screen showing Therapy Animal Workshop Facebook group and workbook

The 3 Keys to Becoming a Successful Therapy Animal-Handler Team are:

  1. Picking the right certifying organization for your team

  2. Making sure your pet has the traits needed to excel at therapy work

  3. Setting your pet up for success and advocating for them

And I can help you with all 3!

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Join the only free workshop that shows dog & cat owners how to train their pets to be therapy animals and how to become a calm, confident team that can enjoy all of life's adventures together!

Laura King, IACP-CDT with Korra the Therapy Dog

How many smiles could you bring to the faces of people in your community if you could train your pet to be a therapy animal?

How much less stress (and more fun!) would there be in your life if you could get your pet to calmly and confidently enjoy each and every day at your side, instead of misbehaving over and over again?

Learn how to become a team with your pet so you both can serve your community and enjoy your lives together!

But that's not all...
Attend this workshop and you'll also get:

Screens showing workshop lives, therapy animal workbook, and private Facebook group

Live coaching sessions throughout the week from therapy animal training expert, Laura King, IACP-CDT, so you can ask questions and get real answers.

A Therapy Animal Workshop Workbook to help you put everything together, so you and your pet can become a successful therapy animal-handler team!

Support and accountability in an exclusive Facebook pop-up group full of pet owners focused on training their pets and setting their pets up for success!

I'm Laura!


This is Mai.

I want to help you enjoy all of life's

adventures with your pet at your side!

I founded the KCAT Club to help dog and cat owners train their pets so they can become a calm, confident team that excels at therapy animal work and enjoys all of life’s adventures together. I love helping my clients set their pets up for success through responsible pet ownership and compassionate training.


Whether you are planning a camping trip with your cat or working on a therapy dog certification with your dog, this Club will help you break down your goals into easily manageable training plans and give you the accountability you need to help you stay on track!

I own King's Creatures Animal Training, a pet training company based in Cedar Rapids, IA. I am a certified professional dog trainer and the Chair of the International Association of Canine Professionals Therapy Dog Committee.


Over the past decade, I have worked with parrots, chickens, raptors, lemurs, marmosets, sugar gliders, otters, snakes, lizards, deer, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, camels, donkeys, tarantulas, cockroaches, skunks, rats, raccoons, cats, and dogs -- just to name a few! I utilize that wide variety of animal training experience to work with people and their pets to become an Adventure Team that wholeheartedly trusts each other.

I live in Iowa with my husband, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. (You guessed it! Mai is one of those cats!) We love adventuring across the country with our pets, supporting the Living Creatures Ministry therapy animal program, and spending lazy days with all 7 of us snuggled up on the couch.

Ready to join the KCAT Club? Join the waitlist so that you and your pet can be the first Adventure Team in the door when the Club reopens!

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