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Laura's headshot in a white photo frame, Laura helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.

Oh hey there!

I'm Laura King. I help dog and cat owners transform their pets into therapy animals and adventure pets.


I have owned and operated King's Creatures Animal Training since 2017.


Training is a long term process, but I know if you're seeking out training you likely need help NOW. You're frustrated, overwhelmed, and you're short on time. That’s why I offer both training tips and management strategies designed to bring you relief now all while helping you craft a sustainable training plan so you can develop a happy, healthy relationship with your pet.


There is no one-size-fits-all method of pet training. That's why I will help you develop the training plan that will work best for you, your pet, and your goals. Every pet has unique likes and dislikes, things they find rewarding or aversive. We will incorporate them into a strategy that sets your pet up for success so you can discover adventures you can both enjoy wholeheartedly.


I love the KCAT Community, and I can't wait for you to be a part of it! But even more than that, I can't wait to help you support your community: whether you're serving others as a therapy animal-handler team, demonstrating responsible pet ownership, or even being respectful of the environment during your adventures.

About King's Creatures

Training animals saves lives.

Training animals changes our communities for the better.


I saw these two sentences come to life every single day that I worked as a zookeeper, a trainer for exotic animal shows, a dog trainer at a facility that rehabilitated aggressive dogs, and an animal shelter technician before launching King's Creatures.


Training animals saves lives.

Training animals changes our communities for the better.

That's why I founded King's Creatures Animal Training!

As I dove into training clients in group classes and board and trains, I quickly realized that those services simply weren't the best way to set my clients and their pets up for long term success. Animals and owners both learned more quickly when we started in a comfortable, low-distraction environment -- their own home! -- and then prepared them to head out and about to higher distraction areas.

Today, I help dog and cat owners just like you transform their pets into therapy animals and adventure pets through training programs that do just that!

I crafted the King's Creatures Adventure Team Club & Day Camp programs to set you and your pet up for success without overwhelming either of you. Start off at home with your pet and slowly increase and improve their training and your relationship until you are able to calmly and confidently tackle all of life's adventures together, from hiking in the woods to serving your community as a therapy animal-handler team.


King's Creatures also supports my passion project, Living Creatures Ministry. Living Creatures ministry is a nonprofit organization that provides therapy animal training and certification for WELS churches, so that pet owners in churches across the country can show Christian love and compassion to their communities with the help of their pets.

How can I help you
& your pet?

The Ultimate Guide will help you train your dogs and cats to be therapy animals and adventure pets.

About Me

I own and operate King's Creatures Animal Training. I am a Certified Dog Trainer and active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, where I previously served on the Board of Directors, Therapy Dog Committee, and Member Support Committee.  I'm also the National Coordinator for Living Creatures Ministry.


I spent my childhood shadowing and helping my grandfather in his veterinary clinic and on his farm as well as shadowing other animal care professionals. I am a graduate of Oakland University with a B.S. in Biology.


I began training animals professionally in 2012 at the Saginaw Children's Zoo, a facility accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). I went on to work for Joel Slaven's Professional Animals, Inc at two other AZA-accredited facilities, SeaWorld Orlando and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. I then entered the pet-training field at Found Chicago, where I trained dogs under the mentorship of Fabian & Brittney Romo & Jeff Jenkins. I launched King's Creatures in Tomah, WI, in September 2017. In September 2019, I moved King's Creatures to Cedar Rapids, IA.

I have worked with parrots, chickens, raptors, lemurs, marmosets, sugar gliders, otters, snakes, lizards, deer, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, camels, donkeys, tarantulas, cockroaches, skunks, rats, raccoons, cats, and dogs -- just to name a few!

I utilizes my wide variety of animal training experience to work with my clients to develop the best training plan for their pets so that animals and humans alike can easily enjoy their lives together. I am always striving to meet the need in our community for a better understanding of animals that will allow humans and animals to happily coexist for years to come.

I live in Cedar Rapids with my husband, Billy, and our cats, Azula and Mai, and dogs, Zuko, Korra, and Gouda. Billy is the pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids and North Liberty. He supports King's Creatures in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) starring in many training videos, serving as the friendly stranger for CGC testing, setting up for classes and events, and welcoming many animals into his home. 


I spend my free time volunteering at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, kayaking and hiking with my husband and pets, gardening, reading, finding "Giant Thing" roadside attractions with her husband, going to as many plays and musicals as possible, and drinking margaritas.

Laura helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.


Looking to save time and effort while training your pet? Need guidance on how to implement training techniques with your pet? Whether you're looking to have someone else do most of the work when training your pet or you're go getter that just needs a little guidance on your training journey, I can help you and your pet! Click the button below to check out all of my training services.

Meet My Pets

Azula the tabby cat assists Laura as she helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.


Azula is a rescue cat that Laura adopted as a kitten from the Michigan Humane Society back in 2012. Since then Azula has moved with Laura to 6 different states! Besides being an expert traveler, Azula helps desensitize training animals to life with a cat. She loves to spend her days on top of the cat tree, snuggling in a fuzzy blanket, or darting around to tease the dogs while they work on stay.

Zuko the Jack Russell assists Laura as she helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.


After 25 years with "Dog" at the top of her wish list, Laura's dreams finally came true in 2016 when she worked with Found Chicago's rescue program (now named Canines & Company) to pull Zuko from Chicago Animal Care and Control. Zuko is our "circus dog" -- always eager to learn tricks and try new things as long as there is a treat or squeaky toy involved. Zuko helps out by demonstrating appropriate behaviors and teaching foster puppies and kittens how to respect an older dogs space. His favorite treats are carrots and banana pieces.

Korra the Therapy Dog assists Laura as she helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.


In 2017, Korra joined the King family. After working for just a few days at the Monroe County Dog Shelter, Laura met Korra and knew she had to bring her home. Korra is our bubbly ray of sunshine. She is always eager to play with any new kittens or puppies, but she also isn't afraid to put an unruly young critter in its place if they have a rude play style! In the summer of 2019, Korra became one of the first two Certified Therapy Animals in the Living Creatures Ministry program. She loves to be pet by anyone and everyone!

Mai the Adventure Cat  assists Laura as she helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.


Mai (pronounced May) was dumped on the door step of the Monroe County Dog Shelter in 2018 and quickly made herself an integral part of the King family. While she loves wrestling and chasing her dog siblings, she is quick to teach any new dogs to respect her! Mai adores snuggling with humans, but her very favorite thing in the world is food (or anything that smells or looks remotely like food). Mai enjoys leash walks and attacking wagging dog tails.

Gouda the Adventure Dog  assists Laura as she helps dog and cat owners train their pets to be therapy animals and adventure pets.


Gouda was also adopted from the Monroe County Dog Shelter! (Are you sensing a theme yet?) She joined the King family in 2019. Imagine our surprise when this puppy we initially thought to be an Australian Cattle Dog only weighed 11 pounds at 6 months old! This mini mutt still holds her own though! Gouda has very strong toy drive, so she's working hard on her disc skills.

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