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Adventure Pet Training

Sharing each day with your pet is always an adventure! How much more fun will it be when your pet is able to calmly and confidently enjoy all of life's adventures at your side?

Here are some of the top adventure pet training resources to help get you there.

Adventure Pet Training Services

Online Adventure Pet Training

The King's Creatures Adventure Team Club is the premiere online training community for adventure pets and their people!

Book one-one-one Zoom training sessions with Laura to get the individualized training you and your pet need as you work together to become a calm, confident team.

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In Person Adventure Pet Training

Would you and your pet prefer hands on training? Book in person training with Laura anywhere in the United States! (Travel fees apply outside of the Cedar Rapids area.)

Private Sessions in your home, Day Camps while you are working, and Pet Socials with other adventure pets and their owners will each be uniquely tailored to address you and your pet's needs as you work together to become a calm, confident team.

Looking for adventure resources to help you transform your dog or cat into the adventure pet of your dreams? You’ve come to the right place!

When we first bring our pets home, enjoying all of life's adventures with them at our side seems like a happy, not too distant future, doesn't it?

But wait, what does it mean to socialize my pet? How do I get my pet to walk nicely on a leash? Do we need to hike, kayak, and camp for my pet to be an adventure pet? How can I tell if my pet needs a break during an adventure? How do I get my pet to stop driving my insane at home? What if we run into a poorly trained off leash dog on our adventures? EEK!! Suddenly you need an adventure pet training plan and you just want to make sure you're doing the best you can for your pet and you have no idea where to start or are completely overwhelmed by the idea.

I feel you!

The world of pet ownership is constantly changing, not to mention all the different training options out there… how are you supposed to keep up with all of that AND still have fun with your pet?  And what about just educating yourself so you can be a responsible pet owner? How do you keep your pet well-trained when it feels like you're trying to hit a moving target?

Here’s the truth: Yes, you do need to continue training your pet throughout their life, and yes, you do need to educate yourself as a pet owner. With a concrete training plan and support from a community of other adventure pets and their people, you're going to get there! Soon you and your pet will be happily enjoying adventures together!

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